Centuplicated fans and other news

2017-06-06 21:04:49 by Miyolophone

Whoa. A hundred fans.

Actually, I missed my chance— it's a hundred and two. But still, this is pretty exciting for me. Thank you everyone for your support! I thought I'd just take a moment to give you all a HIGHLY-SUBJECT-TO-CHANGE upcoming potential project list to celebrate a hundred people caring about what I do.

Mandragora - A tribute to M2U and Nicode, two of my biggest inspirations. It should almost definitely be out this month if I actually follow through on it, but you know me and my work speed...
Disputatio - The song chronologically between Amoris and The Funeral. I have no idea when I'll get around to this but I've promised multiple people that I'd do it, so I promise it will be as soon as possible.
KindLing - 3 acts, 1 girl, and a bitter cold. (Act 1, Scene 1 would be indicated by "A1S1," same rule for the rest)

Also, I'm working on writing a small novel with @KaitoGFX that will (if all goes well) become a graphic novel, Wahrzeit. So I'll be sure to inform you all of any significant developments.

And one last thing— I'll be putting music up on my Soundcloud and YouTube soon. I hope.

Honestly, I'm not important enough to write this whole thing, and I doubt many people will care much at all. But I felt like I should do something to say yes, I really do appreciate all of you.

That's all for now. Let's make some music.

One year on NG!

2017-02-03 21:43:52 by Miyolophone

Wow. My first Newgrounds anniversary.

Well, it's been a year since I joined this site, just for the hell of it; I had never posted my music anywhere publicly before, so why not give it a shot, right? And here we are now— almost 60 fans! That's more than I ever would have expected would like my odd, genre-lacking, semi-orechestral songs. Thank you so much to every, and I mean every, single person who has followed me and supported me on this journey. May we grow in size and strength together! (Road to 100 followers— we can do it!)

Another year, another era of possibility. Stay with me, and things will only get better.

-Miyolophone (Miyo)

Notes on using my music

2016-09-29 14:15:47 by Miyolophone

So lately my song Amoris has been getting a lot of attention (more than it deserves, really) from Kaito's Geometry Dash level, The Last Recital. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm super appreciative of the positive reception, and it really is a beautiful level. But it's had an unpleasant side-effect: a bunch of people are uploading Amoris (not the level, just the song) to YouTube without asking me.

First of all, why? If I wanted it on YouTube, I'd do it myself. It's not like I can't, and it's definitely not your moral responsiblity to spread the message to the world, or something. So even though I'm glad you like it, I'm the person who distributes my music, not you.

Second of all, I have a copyright on it. I saw someone upload it saying "no copyright, free use :)" and that really made me mad. Anything I make belongs to me and there are Licensing Terms that say, very clearly, that you can't use my music without making arrangements with me. You can't just take it.

Now, that's certainly not to say you can't use it anywhere. If you contact me about using it as background music, an intro, etc., I'll probably say yes (although you do still need to contact me obviously or you'll have to take it down). Also, if you're using it in a Geomtery Dash level, or a video of a level, yes, you can use it, don't bother asking me. But uploading it simply as a music video? That's my job, to do when I want to do it, and I'm already tired of filing copyright infringement reports because people aren't reading or just don't care.

So in short, ask me before you use my music for anything (except GD levels). And in general, use common sense, read the Lisencing Terms, and remember that composers have rights and abilities too.


(Oh, and I think I'll start uploading my music to YouTube soon, if only to stop this from happening again.)

New Tech...

2016-07-18 20:10:56 by Miyolophone

Got some new software... a lot of it. That means no more excuses, no more "oh ples dont rek me in rating i dont hav any vsts ;4;" It's time to step it up.

Here we go...

Music Production on Hold.

2016-03-17 18:59:09 by Miyolophone

Hi, anyone who is reading this! (Yeah, you!)

I'm sorry to announce that most of my electronic music production— at least, Newgrounds-posting wise— will be slowing down until I get a better sound library/VSTs, which might not be for some months, actually. Sorry to anyone who will miss me, which is, like, maybe six people.

Not only that, but I also really just need more practice with the technology. I have all of the musical ideas and composing experience, but I still need to figure out my DAW more. I don't want to just be another noob who doesn't know how to use their software. I want to get good. And that takes time.

However, that doesn't mean I won't be here. You should still feel free to send me messages, ask me questions, or give me exorbitant praise and revere me as a deity. :D

Bye for now, except not really,


Hi! I'm Miyolophone and I make music. I've been composing a while, but I'm not used to Digital Audio Workstations at ALL, so try to forgive my technical problems. Since my background is pretty acoustic, I tend to do a lot of electronic-orchestral stuff. I'm also not good at hardcore techno or dubstep, but I've been trying. Points for trying, right?

I'm mostly using this for GD, but I hope you like my stuff, Geometry Dash or not!

Love me or else!

-Miyolophone (it's pronounced my-YOLO-fone)