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Music Production on Hold.

Posted by Miyolophone - March 17th, 2016

Hi, anyone who is reading this! (Yeah, you!)

I'm sorry to announce that most of my electronic music production— at least, Newgrounds-posting wise— will be slowing down until I get a better sound library/VSTs, which might not be for some months, actually. Sorry to anyone who will miss me, which is, like, maybe six people.

Not only that, but I also really just need more practice with the technology. I have all of the musical ideas and composing experience, but I still need to figure out my DAW more. I don't want to just be another noob who doesn't know how to use their software. I want to get good. And that takes time.

However, that doesn't mean I won't be here. You should still feel free to send me messages, ask me questions, or give me exorbitant praise and revere me as a deity. :D

Bye for now, except not really,




Hmm... Which DAW do you use? I'm assuming FL. If you add me on skype I might be able to help you with music production even without super good VSTs, that way, you'll be ready for when you do get them. My skype is on my page if you're interested.

I appreciate the offer, but a) I don't have Skype (I should really get one) and b) I use Logic, actually. However, if there's any advice or help in particular that you'd like to offer, I'd be more than happy to receive it through a PM or something. I need all the help I can get :3

there are plenty of free VSTs that you can download off the internet, so many producers download em! and you can use them, but I urge you to remember, The producer and VST work in turn... what I mean is, that however good you are will feed into the sound making in the VST consequently feeding back into your music, meaning that no matter the quality of the VST your music will always sound like you, meaning that what type of VST, although changes the sound, it doesn't change your music... in simpler terms:
if you are inexperienced, getting better quality of sounds and VSTs will not make you a better musician, you'd still be mediocre, just with better sounding sounds!

if that makes sense... that's why you should still post... your VSTs don't have a massive role in your production skills!

It's true, and I consider myself to be a pretty good composer, if not good with computers. I've been examining my DAW more and more, and I do realize that VSTs aren't as important as I thought. But you're right, I shouldn't define myself by how much money I spend on the software... I might be putting something else up soon, I promise. I appreciate the support, anyway :)

(Though some better VSTs wouldn't hurt imo :3)