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composer for film, video games, classical musicians, virtual idols. i/h: @0205sakire
if you want to use my music or have a business inquiry, please email me at miyo@miyolophone.com!

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500 fans!

Posted by Miyolophone - September 2nd, 2018

Finally hit 500 fans a couple days ago! This is a really big milestone for me and I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who's stuck with me for these past couple years, even through the content draught that has been 2018.

I don't really have anything to add to that except that I'm constantly looking to meet new people and if you ever want to ask me about anything, work with me on a project (probably won't happen until 2019 but still), or even just say hi, you should feel free to do so! This is especially directed towards other artists and creators— musicians, visual artists, animators, programmers, whatever you do here— but of course fans or even just casual observers are always welcome. You should totally shoot me a line via email, DM, Twitter, or Discord (Miyolophone#4773— if you let me know that you came from here, I'll be more likely to respond haha), even if you just found out about me from this post! Or you could just comment here, although admittedly that seems kind of an inefficient to actually get to know each other.

I'll continue to be busy and stressed for the rest of the year with college applications and the remainder of my video game OST job, so your continued (or new!) support means a lot to me.

Thanks again :)



I really enjoyed following your music for the past year, and you're a great source of inspiration for my own work. I was blown away by the first song of yours I heard, and you improved a lot beyond that point, which is quite an amazing feat. I can totally imagine you being the primary composer for a major video game or movie someday. Congrats on 500 fans!

Thank you BO! It's been a pleasure getting to know you, and likewise you've grown a lot musically since we met. I know you've been struggling with your own work recently and obviously it's good to take a break sometimes, but know that I'm looking forward to what else you'll come up with when you're ready to start again :)

500 is a lot! It's, like, 1 more than 499!

And halfway to 1000!

Great job Miyolophone, I have 9 fans as well. And I'm looking forward to your new tracks.

Anyways, Im probbly gonna create music when my computer is reformatted and when I'm ungrounded.


Thanks RoblesK!

You still have a lot to give to the world with your talent :') Good luck

Thank you!

Congrats on 505 fans! That’s like 404 fans except it doesn’t error out. ?

Error 505: Thank you RSK! not found

I’m quite late, but my biggest congrats on your HUGE milestone, Miyo! You’re super talented — your skills are superb, and I love your music. I’m sure you’ll become much more in the future. Here’s to 1000!

Thanks for the support, Jessie! Here's hoping you're right :O