One year on NG!

2017-02-03 21:43:52 by Miyolophone

Wow. My first Newgrounds anniversary.

Well, it's been a year since I joined this site, just for the hell of it; I had never posted my music anywhere publicly before, so why not give it a shot, right? And here we are now— almost 60 fans! That's more than I ever would have expected would like my odd, genre-lacking, semi-orechestral songs. Thank you so much to every, and I mean every, single person who has followed me and supported me on this journey. May we grow in size and strength together! (Road to 100 followers— we can do it!)

Another year, another era of possibility. Stay with me, and things will only get better.

-Miyolophone (Miyo)


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2017-02-04 00:26:56

Congrats dude!

Miyolophone responds:

Thanks man!


2017-02-04 10:09:32

Gratz man! :D

Miyolophone responds:

Thank you! :3


2017-02-04 22:37:04

Congrats and Happy NG Anniversary I guess lol

Miyolophone responds:

Thanks Kaikai ;3;


2017-02-07 13:09:20

Congratz Miyo! Hoping for more years to come!
(btw still waiting for the complete storyline)

Miyolophone responds:

Thanks amateurre! Hopefully I'll get to the whole thing, but I have another project in mind that would take priority if I follow through on it, so we'll see what happens...


2017-02-11 14:11:27

Happy 1st Year Anniversary Miyo! :) May it be the first of many!

Miyolophone responds:

Thank you, Cyberdevil! I hope I'll stick around as well :D


2017-05-09 19:17:40

You're by far my favorite artist on this site, I have always been a fan of orchestral music and electronic, so when you blended both it completely blew my mind! Keep up the great work!

Miyolophone responds:

Thanks man! Honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing— I'm not intentionally saying, "Hey, it would be neat to combine EDM and orchestral stuff"— but I'm glad my randoms ideas are working together in a pleasing way :D


2017-06-06 17:05:14

Nice job man! But I will miss you since you quit GD, I know you have to pursue your epic music stuff and all but maybe when u have time could u come back ;( I love all your music/Levels/etc Thank you for providing the music I listen to a lot in my life thx bro

Huge Fan BarneyDaOne

(Updated ) Miyolophone responds:

Thank you so much for the support man, I hope my music continues to be enjoyable for you!