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Miyolophone's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 10 (From 1 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 275 Points


Believe Me Unlocked 2/14/16
5 Points
Jump on the enemy in 'TRUST'.
Immortal Unlocked 5/23/18
5 Points
Dont commit suicide in 'SUICIDE'.
Truth Unlocked 2/14/16
5 Points
Attempt to use the arrow keys in 'PLEASE WAIT'.
Bridge Unlocked 5/23/18
10 Points
Use the button to create a bridge.
Idiot Unlocked 5/22/18
25 Points
Get the fake ending: press ESCAPE in 'THE END'. According to SWFStats only 13% of players get this ending.
Leap of Faith Unlocked 5/22/18
25 Points
Skip the spring in 'BREAKTHROUGH'.
Save Me Unlocked 5/22/18
25 Points
Don't kill the creature in 'REFLEX'.
Save Us Unlocked 5/23/18
25 Points
Don't kill the creatures in 'DROP3'.
Trapped Forever Unlocked 5/22/18
50 Points
Get the 'Trapped Forever' ending. According to SWFStats 60% of population get this ending.
Free Unlocked 5/22/18
100 Points
Get the 'Free' ending. According to SWFStats only 11% of population get this ending. Do you want to be that special?

Medals Earned: 10/10 (275/275 points)