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Lose Control [Connected Sounds Release] Lose Control [Connected Sounds Release]

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is pretty sharp, man! Solid job, I hope you make it to the next round :D
A few of my main criticisms:
-Weirdly, one of the things that bothered me the most were the drum fills at 0:37, 0:50, 1:54, and 2:07. Not only did they feel out of character of the piece overall, which in general was kind of laid-back with respect to rhythm, but also they were exactly the same every time. (I'm also assuming they were loops, which I'm not a fan of to be honest.) The mid-drop tom fills were cliché but not as objectionable in my opinion
-In general I though the bare-bones, no-bells-and-whistles feel of the track was pretty neat, but a couple moments felt a little too empty for my taste, especially the first few measures after the brass stabs at 1:30 and 0:13 (which were sick by the way) and the moment after the first drop (I know there's that quiet arp but it's just not enough for me)
-1:44 was s w e e t but for some reason that specific bass felt too loud for me in comparison to everything else in the drops (again at 1:51 and 2:00)
-The ending was kinda neat but overall didn't feel very final. I was missing some giant chord resolve with the choir and brass and everything, not just some growls and a bitcrushed evil laugh
-There wasn't really a melody like, at all, anywhere, but I can overlook that considering the genre
All that said, I actually thought it was really cool, I just felt like it had some moments of potential that weren't quite realized. Again, I think a more melodic section between the drops (a real melody, not just chords, and longer) would have also given the song more interest value and also duration because it's kind of short.
Anyway, nice work, and good luck in the next NGUAC phase if that happens

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GobSmacked responds:

Thanks man i really appreciate it that you took ur time and went through the whole song and constructively crticised it, i really appreciate that. And yeah I agree there were some points where i really didnt add to much or i was kinda lazy or felt like i had to finish the track asap. Ill try to keep improving!!!!

-The Forgotten- -The Forgotten-

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This was neat to listen to, pretty different from your house stuff.
Great job at capturing the mood— overall, it felt very dark and cold, which based on the tags is what I assume you were going for. You had good spotlight moments for several different instruments: particularly, I liked the violin writing at 1:39, the use of horns at 0:39 and 0:49, and the flute at 0:59. The piano was a nice touch as well, even though I would've been maybe a little bored if I were the pianist playing it. Plus, I always like staccato strings (as you know haha)
Some medium-to-small issues I had: The volume increase at 0:39 was definitely too abrupt for me— a smoother transition might have been nice. And proportionally, the first 20 seconds were significantly too quiet compared to the rest.
The structure seemed a bit weird to me— the "biggest" moment in the entire piece was the section immediately after the intro, and then it sort of slowly dwindled and died, which is kind of cool in its own way, but ultimately felt a bit anticlimactic. It's a pretty short piece, so I don't think that's a huge deal or really something you could easily fix, but just something to keep in mind in future pieces like this (if you make more).
Also, I'm sure you already knew I was going to say this, but it's the same 3 chords the whole time. It really could've used some kind of change up at some point to keep it interesting, in my opinion.
All that said, I enjoyed this piece a lot, especially how well you got your image for the scene that it's based on across. Keep it up!

Kyron20 responds:

Thanks for the review Miyo! I can always count on you for insightful reviews, especially on my orchestral stuff.

The static chords were definitely my electronic side's doing. I'm trying to work on it, but I always end up going with the moment and it usually results in the same chords. Maybe you'll see something different next time.

Although I didn't credit him, this piece was somewhat inspired by Cryburger's piece, 'Blood Wood'. There are reasons for the strange structure of this piece, but I really leave the interpretation to the listener and prefer not to have a set story for it. One way to interpret that section is it being a way of introducing the dark mood. I'm not disagreeing with you on this, I do think it was a bit sudden and loud compared to the rest of the piece, but I just thought I'd point out that there was a purpose in making it that way.

The first twenty seconds were something I added as an attempt to make it longer. Otherwise it would have been 1:57 just like every other orchestral song I've made. It was supposed to introduce the setting or the ambience of the forest, but I think this song could have done without it.

Thanks for noticing the mood! The mood was something I really tried to reinforce. I was a bit hesitant with the horns during the louder section, due to the use of 'lighter' instruments everywhere else. I agree, the pianist would be a bit bored, especially with the same chords every few measures, but luckily there isn't a pianist!

Thanks for reviewing! I'll really try to work what you said into my next orchestral piece. I'm not making any promises, but It'll probably be sooner than you think!

Zyzyx - Temineyes Zyzyx - Temineyes

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is good! But not perfect.

-Definitely a tribute to High Score. It's impossible not to hear you channeling it, which was your intention, I guess, so good job.
-I liked the synths you used (at first). They were fairly close to High Score's, but not exact copies (though I do agree they were could kick in a bit more aggressively, even).
-The key change was a nice touch, though I wouldn't exactly call it "very seamlessly done."
-The mixing seemed good to me. I'm no expert on mixing of course, but I didn't notice any issues.

Cons (There are fewer cons, but the first one was definitely an issue for me):
-Okay, you're really kinda pushing it with the similarity to High Score. I know it's supposed to be inspired by them and all, but the chord progression and melody rhythm are alarmingly close and I can literally pick out parts of High Score and see exactly where your equivalent of it is (e.g. 1:36-2:09 in High Score has nearly identical rhythm and structure to 2:02-2:36 in this; the outros are almost identical). I'd love to see a bit more of your own take on the style.
-It's the same synths for all the main drop sections and melody the whole way through. The exact same. It could stand some variation there.

So yeah, this piece could really stand some shaking things up, but overall this is pretty solid work mate. Hope this helps!

DJ-Zyzyx responds:

Thanks to you're long response dude :3 yeah, so it is meant to be very similar to highscore. The chords and melodies are different, but I can see why you would think it's bad. Thanks for your feedback mate!! <3